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About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals from CELADE, dedicated to research, implement, develop, training and participation in the continuous improvement of Redatam Software, that is used to process microdata from different sources of information, from countries in the world.


Manage, organize, plan, lead, monitor and coordinate in an effective, efficient and effective way the use, improvement, development and constant training of the Redatam Software in its different modules and available functionalities, in order to creatively promote and integrate the sources of information available on a single platform, mainly related to the population censuses of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Likewise, it will make it easy for users to adapt the software according to their needs and requirements, since the software is very versatile, dynamic, simple in language and user-friendly.


Based on our experience and knowledge, we want to become a reference leader in the use and analysis of microdata through Redatam to support and democratize the access and use of information, for informed decision-making. We also aim to the harmonization of questions and standardization of structures and variables between censuses, to achieve greater and better comparability between countries.


We characterize ourselves and stand out for the commitment, responsibility and professionalism, with which we carry out the challenges, alliances and objectives of the projects in which we are involved, complying with high quality standards.